February 14, 2002

Subterranean Style

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I’ve never seen excitement like when my roommate came home with blue and teal sparkle pants she called the “Rock Star Pants.” Of course, she would never have dreamed of wearing them in the light of day, but as soon as the sun went down, those blue pants transformed a college junior into Madonna.

Rock stars and even just plain ole rockers inspire us to dare to wear clothes that sparkle, bear skin, look tough, and make us feel like we’re in the spotlight.

Musicians are a singular breed who, unlike actors, are famous and admired for being exactly who they are. They’re performers performing the character of self. Granted, they may not be their everyday selves on stage, but they certainly access the more daring, extreme, and glamourous sides of their personalities.

I’m sure even Marilyn Manson owns a pair of sweats, but to sustain his reputation as a performer he’ll gladly squeeze his long, lean frame into a corset. Could it just be a coincidence that corsets are a hot trend? Perhaps not.

In short, owning a few novelty pieces of clothing can help your everyday person explore their own extremities of personality. It’s a fun way to aestheticize the character of self.


Name: Jessica Price

Class: 2004

College: Human Ecology

Major: Apparel Management

What one word describes your style?


Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?


What’s your major source for style?

Thrift and vintage type stores.

What’s hot?

Stuff that’s really musically influenced and little bit out there.

What’s not?

Really, really trendy stuff.


Names: Gwen Stefani, Sheryl Crow

Occupations: Gwen sings and writes for No Doubt. Sheryl is a solo rock act.

Seen: New Orleans for the CBS Super Bowl Party

What one word describes your style?

Gwen: Noteworthy.

Sheryl: Trying too hard.

Who or what do you look to for personal inspiration?

Gwen: Past style eras.

Sheryl: A little bit country, a little bit city.

What’s your major source for style?

Gwen: Made to order.

Sheryl: A hoof and tack store.

What’s hot?

Gwen: Nice abs.

Sheryl: Suede halter.

What’s not?

Gwen: Short pants, scary boots.

Sheryl: Below knee flair.

Archived article by Laura Thomas