March 1, 2002

Rollin' Tennis Team Hosts Rutgers, Bonnies

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If ain’t broke, don’t fix it — so says men’s tennis head coach Barry Schoonmaker.

“There’s not a whole lot to change,” he proudly exclaimed about his team.

Of course, with his red-hot squad’s 10-1 record this spring, how can he complain?

Last Saturday, the Red wiped the courts with the Colgate’s squad as Binghamton watched, waiting in anticipation of a beating that couldn’t have been worth driving 45 minutes to endure. It was in, it was out, and it was over before it started.

The Red proved too hot to handle, as it rolled by Colgate with a 7-0 sweep and later defeated Binghamton 7-0 in similar fashion.

“Every player went out there and did what they needed to do,” explained Schoonmaker.

As the squad continues to practice rigorously into the late hours of the night, it focuses its attention on nothing more than another victorious weekend.

“They are trying not to get too stressed out about the long season ahead of them, with every team in the Ivies looking to oust them,” explained Schoonmaker. “For now it’s just one match, one game, and one point at a time.”

“They have their goals,” he added, in reference to the fact that team wants to sweep every opponent until at least Spring Break.

“But they know to take it one step at a time,” Schoonmaker said.

The team has been led at the helm by senior captain Stefan Paulovic, who has the Red on course for further success thus far in the season. He has certainly been blessed with great depth and experience,and the future is wide open for the Red.

This Weekend

Tomorrow, at the Reis Center, the slammers in Red will host St. Bonaventure and Rutgers.

As Schoonmaker stressed, “These are two great teams [especially Rutgers], much more powerful than our last couple of opponents.”

He lamented, “We will really need to pick up our doubles play to win, largely due to the recent loss of Scott Spencer to mono. He was a valuable asset to our team.”

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