March 8, 2002

Thank You, Seniors

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So this is really the end of it all.

This weekend, I will watch my last two (and possible three, but we certainly hope not) games at Lynah Rink. The hallowed ground, the glorious bastion of Cornell hockey will wave good-bye to another set of seniors. I know I’ll be back one day, but the rink that has given me so many wonderful, memorable moments will be no more for me.

This will also be the last game at Lynah for a pretty talented group of seniors. They had the senior skate two weeks ago while having their stats read over the loud speaker, but they knew it wasn’t their last game at Lynah. These games will be, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a tear or two shed.

I’ve traveled all over the league, both sitting in press boxes and with the small handfuls of Big Red fans in other years, and I’ve never found any place like Lynah. I don’t want to. The seniors will certainly agree with me.

First, there’s been the opportunity to play on its ice for the last four years. Since finding the intermediate hockey class, I’ve been lucky enough to play in goal — the most renowned position for this University’s hockey team — in Lynah dozens of times (between injuries). I owe my thanks for that to Gary Brandt and my classmates. I left my ACL and MCL on that ice two years ago, and I will never forget that.

But it’s much more than that. Section B is near and dear to my heart, as I spent my sophomore and senior years near the top, screaming my head off. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of the most rabid fans of anything on this campus in that little area, and it’s been a pleasure sharing it with my friends — especially the boys of Tau Epsilon Phi, and this year Laura Thomas, (my ticketmate).

But it’s more than just the good times with friends. I’ve seen some incredible games from section B and the press box. I’ve seen some of the best hockey the college ranks have to offer. The 4-3 wins over Harvard a few years back in the playoffs were the greatest wins I’ve seen this team pull off. The Yale win this year was incredible. Watching the senior line score the game-winning goal in the second Princeton playoff game last year nearly brought me to tears in the press box.

I owe a bit of thanks to former sports editor J.V. Anderton. The then-sophomore took a hockey-loving freshman to his first game four years ago. We sat in section E, right on the goal line. I didn’t even know the alma mater. I slowly but surely learned every piece of Lynah lore. I know all the stats. I know the stories. I know why we used to chant, “We want Weder.” I know why we scream “Screw BU.” I know what Age’s license plate says. I know why Teets and Bill Moore are the nicest guys at Lynah.

This year, there’s a decent chance that I have plenty of games left to watch this team. Well, I certainly hope so anyway. I guess we shall see, but I send my thanks to the team for the fun and joy they’ve brought my friends and me this season. Win it all, boys. I’ll be somewhere watching.

Archived article by Charles Persons