March 15, 2002


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Hello sunshine and 80 degree weather! This week anyone lucky enough to have some cash leftover from their refund check, or parents who love them, are heading South for a little R&R. Chances are when the majority of students return to the outer limits of the East Coast known as Central New York, we’ll all be seeing a bit more skin, with a little less white, and lot more sun-kissed glow.

It’s a psychological struggle for most to pull on a wool sweater after rolling around in the surf and sand for a week. But what do you do when you leave the land of grey and enter the world of “make hay while the sun shines.”

Bathing suits are the Cornell mantra from now until the end of break. For the men it’s fairly simple, stick with trunks. For the ladies, it’s a bit more fun than that. Think Charlie’s Angels on the beach. It’s all about glam.

The best cuts for Spring Break are halter and low rise. Bare a lot of toned tummy, and show off the upper bodies with triangle tops and halter necklines. The hottest colors are psychedelic, and stripes are the pattern du jour. In the end, have fun and enjoy showing some skin.


Suit: Farah Fawcett’s Fav

Retail price: $70

Retailer: J. Crew

Good for: Girls who are less endowed

This suit is perfect for accentuating toned tummies and drawing attention away from unfavorable thigh areas. The keyholes located at both the chest and at the hip create a bit of visual interest to distract from less desirable areas.

The moderate ties that hang to the side are a trendy touch that harken back to the hippie chic of the seventies. The retro edge of his suit makes it a hot item for Spring Break. The suit’s best feature may be the detachable straps which ward off embarrassing tan lines.


Suit: Sexy Standard

Retail price: $100

Retailer: Sunset Beach

Good for Girls: who are well endowed and less tummy toned

This grape colored purple suit is studded with tiny rhinestones to create a glam brand of casual swimwear. The triangle shaped top draws attention to attractive bustlines, which in turn downplays less than perfect abs.

If you’re also not sure about below the belt, pair the top with a flowing sarong to stay cool in the warm weather while subtely covering up.

This type of halter style suit is great for a full back tan, but beware of unusual frontal tan lines.

Archived article by Laura Thomas