March 25, 2002

Trustees Approve Tuition Plans

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The Cornell University Board of Trustees met March 15 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, approving among other resolutions statutory college tuition plans.

In the first 45 minutes that were open to the public, President Hunter R. Rawlings III gave a status update on Frank H.T. Rhodes, the University’s president emeritus, who suffered injuries after being struck by a car in Florida on Feb. 3. The Board also heard reports from Uzo Asonye ’02, president of the Student Assembly (S.A.) and Patrick Carr grad, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA).

Additionally, Rawlings spoke about the recent hiring freeze, Cornell’s reception in Albany, the statutory colleges and the students that participated in the 2002 Winter Olympics. Rawlings began the meeting with an update on Rhodes.

“Frank had a terrible accident just north of Naples a month ago,” he said, adding that Rhodes sustained injuries to his kneecaps, vertebrae, collarbone and nose. “I was surprised and grateful at how well he had come through.”

According to Rawlings, Rhodes was thrown “many, many feet in the air and landed on the pavement.” He added that “he was able to bend one leg ninety degrees [on March 14] and that was a big milestone for him.” Rhodes’