April 1, 2002

Political Groups Pick Trustee Candidates

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The Cornell Democrats and the Cornell Republicans have announced their endorsements among the student trustee candidates: the Democrats endorsed Funa Maduka ’04 while the Republicans supported Peter Cohl ’04.

The two-year seat, currently held by Khary Barnes ’02, carries equal voting privileges with other members of the Board of Trustees.

“I think Funa is clearly the most qualified and strongest candidate,” said Michael Moschella ’02, president of the Cornell Democrats. “She has an amazing record for the last two years as a campus activist.”

Moschella cited Maduka’s involvement with the Student Assembly and the Cornell NAACP as examples of her leadership.

Ryan Horn ’02, president of the Cornell Republicans, also announced the endorsement of a, Democrat.

According to Horn, Cohl is “a staunch partisan Democrat,” but that didn’t stop Horn from praising Cohl as a “student-first” candidate.

“Peter has certainly a lot of room for difference with the Cornell Republicans,” Horn said. “He does, however, have views that resonate with students.”

Elections will be available on-line on Tuesday, April 2.

Archived article by Peter Norlander