April 2, 2002

What's Up With Sports?

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What’s up with that?

What’s up with …

Handing the Washington Redskins only one Monday night game? Maroon and gold. Steve Spurr-ier. Champ Bailey. A storied history of greatness. And only one Mon-day night game?

Former Indiana coach Bobby Knight not giving his former team any love for making into the NCAA finals?

Baseball? Already?

Oklahoma? Both the men’s and women’s basketball teams reach their respective Final Fours and the football team goes 10-2. Is it the water? The corn? The panhandle?

The suddenly tough Vir-ginia Tech football schedule? Sure Marcus Vick will be great, but I thought the team valued going to bowl games.

Michael Jordan’s knee? I guess that’s where he keeps his skills – after his return from surgery, MJ has gone for 11, 14, 9 and 10 points, much below his 23 point per game average.

Kenyon Martin? Is he trying to be the next Rasheed?

Annika Sorenstam’s shoes? Hey, I’m a big fan of red shiny shoes on the golf course – anything to liven up the game. But the shape and the cut just wasn’t Annika.

Houston Texans? The Texans? What happened to good ole’ fashioned creativity?

Ferrari? Designing shoes? What, they’re losing money with the cars?

Not paying college basketball players the rightful money they deserve?

Pedro Martinez? 21.00 ERA?

The NIT? Why does it even exist?

Carnellian? Aren’t we the Big Red?

Basketball pools? What ever happened to the love of the game?

Sports? Like, what’s the point?

Archived article by Sumeet Sarin