April 4, 2002

Forecast: Calls for a Corn Tornado

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David Via & Corn Tornado, are blowing into Ithaca this Friday, April 5th for one show at the Nines (311 College Avenue).

The group was recently named one of the top 20 unsigned acts in the United States by BMIASCAP. Their music is a rich blend of bluegrass inspired by none other than the Blue Ridge Mountains themselves. Via’s songs have been described as “true stories of love gone wrong, living off the land, of good luck and hard times” while, as a collective whole, the group’s sound has been called “an eclectic, acoustic mix of bluegrass, blues, jazz and funk with an original twist.”

With all of the recent attention given to Bluegrass (thanks, in part, to the soundtrack for the film Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) this promises to be an original and entertaining show. And though you probably won’t have the opportunity to guzzle any moonshine, David Via and Corn Tornado are sure to leave you wishing you had. For this tour, the group will be joined by “Woody” Wood on guitar, “Fiddly” Dave Van Deventer on the fiddle, and John Flower on doghouse bass.

The band plays at 9:30 p.m. sharp, so stop in, grab a stool, and get ready to tap your feet.

For more information on the band, see them on the web at www.corntornado.com.

— NB

Archived article by Nate Brown