April 5, 2002

Crews Head Into Seasons' Second Weekend

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Tomorrow the women’s and men’s heavyweight crews will hit the road as they prepare for their second races of the season.

The women will invade Bulldog territory as they take on Yale and Syracuse, while the heavies will head to New Jersey to meet Georgetown.

Both the heavyweights and the women are hoping to improve upon last weekend’s performances.

Throughout this week they have engaged in a serious game of musical chairs in an attempt to fine tune boat lineups.

“The lineups that we had [last weekend] went pretty well, but we’re always looking to find something that’s just a little faster. We’re still experimenting,” said heavyweight coach Dan Roock.

Ahead of the Game

The women’s crew is a bit farther along in the process.

“I think the lineups are pretty close,” said women’s coach Melanie Onufrieff.

However, the women’s head coach was careful not speak of the situation in terms of finalities.

Seats will continue to shift as long as her team keeps improving.

“There will be people that will continue to improve with the season, so there may be changes,” said Onufrieff.

The two teams are coming down off huge victories against Michigan’s heavyweights and the women of Georgetown and George Washington, and they hope to keep the momentum going.

Although it’s too early in the season for any definite predictions, heavyweight head coach Dan Roock is looking for a win against Georgetown.

Race Favorites

“They’re a bit of a dark horse,” Roock said. “They should be good, but not great. It’s another race where we’re going in to win, and we should have capacity to do so,” he added.

Women’s head coach Melanie Onufrieff has confidence in her team but is quick to recognize the amount of talent it will be rowing against.

Last year Syracuse and Yale placed third and sixth, respectively, at Eastern Sprints and went on to NCAA nationals.

“They’ll both be good crews,” said Onufrieff.

Archived article by Meredith Long