April 5, 2002

Entertainment News

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Bring Back Baywatch Hawaii

David Hasselhoff recently expressed his hopes to begin work this summer on Baywatch: The Reunion. The proposed two-hour TV movie would reunite 20-plus actors who have starred on the show throughout extensive run. If it’s greenlighted, the special will probably air in November in time for sweeps.

Has it even been long enough to warrant a Baywatch reunion? It’s only been a year since the show ended production! Has Hollywood completely run out of originality and talent?

Well, if it hasn’t, what little that’s left will be quickly drained away by the black hole formed by the concentrated sucky-ness of 11 seasons worth of Baywatch cast members being in the same place at the same time.

I Want My MTV

MTV’s executives have given the green light for six (count ’em six) new reality shows that should debut in the coming months. Personally, I’d be more excited if MTV promised to show six consecutive music videos for once.

Highlights include Taildaters, a dating game in which couples are followed by two friends who judge the date; a new movie-review show, and a Real World-style glimpse inside a Northern California sorority house. Regular viewers of that last one will also get a trial membership to the show’s sponsor, www.nakedlesbiansxxx.com.

Off The Hook

Boy-band hitmaker Lou Pearlman was recently cleared of allegations that his company, Trans Continental Entertainment, violated child labor laws such as forcing minors to work past 11:30 p.m. Given that he’s already going to burn in the fiery depths of Hell for inflicting boy-bands on the world, Pearlman probably wasn’t too worried about being slapped with breaking a few child-labor laws.

Mixed Blessing

Lisa Rinna, who lost out to Kelly Ripa in the heated competition to become Regis Philbin’s new co-host, is getting her own talk show. Rinna signed to co-host Soap Talk on SoapNet, the cable network devoted to soap operas. I’m not quite sure what’s worse, being condemned to co-host a cable talk show about soap operas, or being forced to sit next to Regis Philbin seven days a week.

Life Imitating Art

Pretrial hearings are set to begin on April 22 on second-degree robbery charges against Sopranos star Robert Iler and another youth, who are accused of snatching $40 from a pair of teenage tourists. A tentative trial date is scheduled for May 6.

The presiding judge has already declared that attempts to use the defense that Iler was just researching for his role will result in a bitchslap, Judge Judy style.

Oh My God, It’s Full of Spoilers

Samuel L. Jackson told the Calgary Sun in a recent interview that in the forthcoming Star Wars: Episode III all of the Jedi are going to be massacred. “I told George I didn’t mind dying,” Jackson said, adding he “didn’t want to go out like some punk.”

I think fans should be happy as long as Jackson doesn’t die the same way Darth Maul did at the end of Episode I. That’s the only time I’ve heard the audience get upset when a villain died. You know, I wouldn’t have been so upset after that scene if Jar Jar Binks had been standing behind Maul when he got chopped in half.

Archived article by Matt Chock