April 11, 2002

Test Spin: Town and Country

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The following is a discussion between Id, Ego, and Superego about Town and Country’s new album C’Mon, overheard in line at Wegman’s.

Id: I don’t get this repetitive, minimalistic shit! I wanna kill myself when “I’m Appealing” — that misleading, stupid name — keeps going and going like some stupid alarm clock at 2 in the morning. I’ll bet this Superego sissy would love this crap. Ooh, candy.

Superego: You impulsive imbecile, these four Chicago musicians are eloquently following in the inspired wake of Morton Feldman and Jimmy Giuffre. This is organic, enlightened, artful music. Jim Dorling’s bass clarinet on “The Bells” makes me want to cry. Don’t be a rude jackass, Id.

Ego: Enough, you two. You both have some good points. This is indeed challenging music. It will never make Top 40 and would annoy anyone who favors O-Town over Stockhausen. I, myself, enjoy the almost meditative intricacies of songs like “Bookmobile” while I’m feeling the tug and pull of you two morons.

Archived article by Ben Kupstas