April 22, 2002

Cornell Design League Displays New Fashions

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The Cornell Design League (CDL) launched its 18th Annual Fashion Show in the Ramin Room of Bartels Hall last Saturday. Two shows were held, one at 4 p.m. and another at 8 p.m., each drawing approximately 900 and 1200 people, respectively.

Under the glare of bright lights and upbeat music, models paraded an array of the clean-cut and simple to the more abstract and daring designs down the runway.

Designs portrayed juxtapositions of the soft with the dramatic, the monochromatic with the colorful. The recurring theme boasted of a revolution and indeed, the designs showcased avant-garde lines that blended the shocking with the familiar.

The show opened with three theme lines: casual, cocktail, and bridal/formal wear.

A collaboration of designers, many of whom are relatively new to CDL, contributed to the production of the theme lines. These group efforts gave the beginners an opportunity to participate in the show without having the burden of a full line. Highlights included country-styled attire, pop culture prints and abstract painting-inspired designs.

Following the theme lines were a series of 23 full lines that presented individual creations. Among these, highlights included watercolor inspired hand-painted silk prints, elaborate bridal gowns and paper mach