April 24, 2002

Student Assembly Elects Next Year's Leadership

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The Student Assembly (S.A.) elected new officers for the 2002-03 school year yesterday.

Noah Doyle ’03 was elected as president, Sai Pidatala ’04 was elected as executive vice president and Josh Bronstein ’05 was elected as vice president for internal operations.

Vice president of finance is Stuti Mandala ’04, vice president for public relations is Katie Howell ’04 and director of elections is Leslie Barkemeyer ’03.

“Basically, with internal elections, everyone in the S.A. goes into a room with a … moderator and it’s a simple vote,” Pidatala said. “It’s a very democratic process, it’s tedious because it takes a lot of time,” he said, commenting on the length of the speeches that candidates gave.

Current S.A. president Uzo Asonye ’02 stated his thoughts on the competency of the new officers.

“I’m very confident that they’ll do a good job,” Asonye said. “They all seem to be pretty enthusiastic about their jobs.”

Howell, a resident of Ithaca, hopes to get the S.A. more involved with the community.

“I’m also looking to get involved in the administrative part,” she said, commenting on the need for more communication with the administration and student organizations.

Pidatala also commented on his feelings about being elected.

“I’m estatic. I think that my message touched a lot of people. They voted for me because they believe in me, and that feels good,” he said.

There are certain goals Pidatala wants to implement as executive vice president.

“I want to make the Student Assembly more accessible to students. I want to create initiatives so that students can come together [to sponsor events together.] We can pool resources and have more money for events. It sounds like a clich