April 25, 2002

Hooray for Hedonism!

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Attention all binge-drinkers and party animals: the ultimate soundtrack for your outlandish weekend escapades has finally arrived. The entire 36 minutes of Andrew W.K.’s debut release, I Get Wet, reeks of testosterone thanks to its relentlessly lewd, crude, and over-the-top mayhem. With his attention-grabbing cover art and song titles like, “It’s Time To Party,” “Fun Night,” “Party Hard,” and “Party Til You Puke,” Andrew W.K. wants nothing more than to jumpstart and invigorate the pleasure-seeking Id in all of us.

The Michigan-bred thrasher sends a blast of fresh air through today’s rock scene. His sound is the antithesis of the moody, somber, and angst-ridden grunge and rap-rock that has evolved over the last several years. Andrew W.K. melds non-stop jackhammer guitar riffs, cheesy new wave keyboards, industrial dance beats, and gruff shout-along vocals to concoct a fresh, fun-loving sound that could best be described as arena rock and ’80s hair metal clich