April 26, 2002

A Traveler's Tale

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Jimi Hendrix once sang that all a musician needs are “three chords and the truth.” And that may very well be true at times. However, sometimes the truth is buried at a depth that necessitates a few more chords, and sometimes even brand new tunings. Singer/songwriter Peter Mulvey takes on these sorts of truths. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wis., Peter has been internationally praised for his innovative, dynamic guitar playing — facilitating comparisons to the renowned Leo Kottke and Michael Hedges — and his intelligently poetic sense of lyricism. He has performed on Dublin’s streets and in Boston’s subways, and has recorded four phenomenal albums. He currently leads the life of a traveler, and daze had the opportunity to get a glimpse of some of the wisdom that the road imparts.

Daze: I was wondering what still motivates you to play in the subways in Boston?

Peter Mulvey: I still love it. I love the informality of it. I love the fact that no one is required to pay attention to you there and no one is required to like it, so the reactions, I think, are very honest.