May 3, 2002

Ezra's Brings Bubble Tea to North Campus

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Those who enjoyed the bubble tea and other drinks served at the Old Teahouse in Collegetown are in for a treat, as a new location has been added in Appel Commons on North Campus.

“It has been busy ever since we opened,” said John Chen, manager of both the Collegetown and North Campus stores.

The Old Teahouse serves “mostly tea-based drinks,” said Chen, with a choice between black tea and green tea as a base. In addition to tea drinks, blizzards and ice crushes are beverages available in numerous flavors, such as coconut and pineapple.

For all drinks, the addition of tapioca is an option.

“It’s basically a dark, round ball,” said Chen. “That’s why people call it bubble tea.”

All beverages, with the exception of blizzards and ice crushes, can be served hot or cold, and snacks such as toast and steamed buns are available as well, according to Chen.

Also included in the Collegetown Old Teahouse and Appel Commons’ Ezra’s Tea House locations are televisions and place for patrons to sit.

Televisions feature music videos and movies from several Asian countries, including Taiwan, China, and Korea. Words in the respective languages are often displayed as a karaoke opportunity.

“There are other bubble tea places around, but we give [the tea] a sense of authenticity,” said Chen of the Asian d