May 3, 2002

SAFC Primary Topic of Year's Last S.A. Meeting

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Yesterday afternoon, at its final meeting of the year, Student Assembly (S.A.) members discussed a variety of issues concerning the Student Assembly Finance Committee (SAFC).

Michael Moschella ’02 vice president for finance, vice president Mark Greenbaum ’02, Rob Way ’04, SAFC co-chair and Jennifer Hoos ’04, SAFC co-chair, submitted a resolution that included major edits to the SAFC Handbook.

Members first discussed an increase in the SAFC $75 allotment for housing speakers visiting campus.

However, SAFC representatives defended the allotment of money. Hoos argued that clubs could use the funds for more meaningful activities.

“It would be ridiculous to have $200 allocated to have a speaker stay at the Statler when kids could be going out and doing stuff,” Hoos said.

The S.A. eventually decided not to increase the allocation for housing speakers.

The other major topic of discussion was the role S.A. members should play in the SAFC. A member presented an amendment that proposed all S.A. members to be ex-officio members of the SAFC.

Supporters of the proposal believed that it would solve the accountability issues raised after SAFC overallocated funds last year.

“It is a way for the SAFC to internally regulate itself,” said Joan Luu ’02, minority representative.

Members opposing the amendment argued that having S.A. members attending SAFC meetings would present a conflict of interest for SAFC members.

“It completely makes the process unfair for clubs that don’t have representation,” said president Uzo Asonye ’02.

Many S.A. members opposed making a decision on the handbook at the present time. They believed that members did not have sufficient time to read and understand the changes to the handbook prior to the meeting.

“I think it would be incredibly irresponsible to vote for it,” said Adam Fox ’04 CALS representative.

The S.A. passed the first set of changes in the SAFC handbook and failed the second set.

At the end of the meeting, Asonye left the S.A. with a few words of advice.

“Make sure to separate your activities and politics from your friends and emotions. Have fun, enjoy, don’t make it your life,” he said.

Archived article by Shannon Brescher