September 5, 2002

Campus Couture

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Fall semester is in full swing, which means with all the stress and studying that comes with the daily grind of classes at Cornell, looking good isn’t exactly one of our top priorities. Who has time for fashion when there are endless prelims and GPAs at stake?

Thus it’s very easy to become a bit careless with our appearances, which will be clearly evident by the soon-to-be-seen preponderance of flimsy flip-flops, sagging sweatpants and messy, unruly buns in numerous lecture halls around campus.

But the start of the school year is also significant in that you’re making that crucial first impression with your new professors, TAs, classmates and that potential hot hook-up down the hall. So why the hurry to follow that unsightly rolled-out-of-bed trend? You’ll only come off as some slacker who hasn’t got her act together, which is not the most favorable message to send out to those lecturers already disheartened by the sleepy-eyed, exhausted bodies filling the seats.

Instead, why not make a grand entrance with a dark and dramatic Goth rock number a la Gucci designer Tom Ford’s ready-to-wear fall collection? The intensity of such an outfit will surely make you stand out among the crowds and send off vibes that you should be taken seriously. When you argue about some undeserved paper grade, no one will be able to resist the seductive allure of your black satin and that big fat A will be all yours.

The all noir Goth mod ensemble, which consists of a pencil-slim skirt and a V-neck top finished off with an oversized patchwork jacket and essential accessories of a black cross, a choker and a crocodile bag, will set you back about $22,000, which is roughly the cost of a whole school year’s tuition. The high price yields insight into why Gucci is considered high fashion, so while a small elite segment might think of this as small change, the rest of us starving laystudents would scoff at such a ridiculous splurge and rightfully stick to our more practical purchases of sweaters and jeans.

However, you can recreate a very decent knockoff version of the Gucci that’ll be well within an accessible price range . A visit to can get you a $49.50 black pencil skirt and $39.99 easy trench coat, while a quick trip to Claire’s can get you a wire coiled bangle choker and cross necklace for a nominal $6.50 combined. has tons of nice black tops like its $38.00 Linda Babydoll cami as well as reasonable bags such as its $49.99 spiral satchel. Complete the look with any old pair of strappy black sandals, and you’ll be transformed into a stylish Vixen of the Night, all for around a mere $174!

So hurry on with the trips to the mall and the online websites and display your gorgeous selves along the catwalk of Ho Plaza. Debunk the very inaccurate myth that “Ithaca is gorges, the girls are not,” which will most definitely happen when the mouths drop at the bewitching beauty of your breathtaking glam-rock glory.

Archived article by Sherry Jun