September 5, 2002

Editor's Note

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This has been one hectic week. Take note of our four brand spanking new pages. We were thrilled until we realized how much more work they entailed, at which point we began kicking ourselves (and each other). But in the end, this is a major step in the evolution of this section: expansion. We are filling the new space with a number of new and exciting treats for you all. We have more enthralling columns (pg. 14, 15), a larger events calendar (pg. 5), extra CD reviews (pg. 12), and a music critiquing Beta fish (a what? That’s right. A music critiquing Beta fish found on pg. 11). What more can you ask for?!

You’ll also notice an interesting trend in this issue — that is, trashing trends. From mod haircuts and horn-rimmed glasses to intentionally ripped jeans and retro window coverings, daze is standing up to the recent wave of kitschy, not to mention expensive, nostalgia.

You’ll notice that, for this first issue, we’re addressing some of the goodies that debuted over the summer. This coincides with our pg. 7 feature covering some of the summer’s hottest concerts.

Also note that Eric Jones joins daze as both a contributor and an interviewee this week. You’ll recognize Eric, of course, from his adventures on MTV’s Road Rules 11: The Campus Crawl. Not only was he kind enough to offer us an exclusive interview, but he’s sharing his experiences as an audience member at this year’s MTV Music Video Awards (which, by now, we’ve all probably seen multiple times). Be sure to check out his coverage on pg. 14.

About the Beta fish, he loathes British accents but does the liquid boogie to old-school REM.

Last but not least, welcome back kids. By now, you’re all settled in and sick of classes. Hopefully daze can help ease your pain. With weekly coverage of Arts and Entertainment related events, and a whole slew of reviews, we’ll do our best to keep you in the proverbial “know.”

And, since we’re so great at getting you the goods, we’d like to hear what you’ve got to say back. So, send your questions, comments, criticisms, and concerns to [email protected] and your little love note might appear in this very spot. Yippie!

Archived article by Ben Kupstas