September 5, 2002

Feminist Group Going After Wrong Target in Augusta National

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A radical feminist organization goes after a sexist group of men. We see this headline about twenty times too many.

When a group claims to represent me, like a radical feminist organization, for example, I would like to see that group go after something of significant importance.

This recent and ongoing incident is a prime example of what I consider unimportant.

The group that has come under attack is the Augusta National Golf Club. Home of the Masters every April since 1934, Augusta has closed its membership doors to women since its inception. Females are allowed to play a round on the course if a member invites them, they just can’t officially join.

Membership in the club is not open to just anyone. Bill Gates wanted in and even got a few members on his side, but he was turned away. The club didn’t let blacks join until 1990 when the PGA required courses holding tournaments to admit minority members.

Not many individuals in the general public can even claim the income and status that the 300 or so members of Augusta enjoy.

Women are not admitted because that is how the Club has been run since 1932 and that’s how it will continue to be run.

You can see where the National Council of Women’s Organizations (NCWO) enters the picture.

In its June 12th letter to William “Hootie” Johnson, chairman of Augusta National, the NCWO “urged [Johnson] to review [Augusta’s] policies and practices