September 19, 2002

A Taste of Carnival

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Had you been greeted by students dressed as mimes when you fist visited Cornell you probably wouldn’t have been too inclined to give the school a second thought. But walking up to the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts and seeing cartwheeling constables ushering people inside the doors, or juggling clowns in Mardi-Gras garb, you might consider taking a closer look at what’s going on.

And a closer look would be well worth it. A show that mixes the costuming of a modern French La Carnival with lots of pale-painted faces, it looks like Halloween has come early this year. The extravagant appearances are not out of place, however. The overly-accentuated dress and gestures really play to the style of the show, which is outright funny! The Miser will appeal to any audience looking for a good laugh derived from some off-beat comedy about money-hoarding (all college students can appreciate that good old money humor).

The Miser, by French playwright Moli