September 19, 2002

Campus Couture

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This week’s column is devoted to commending several high-stylin’ Cornellians who promote and embody the high standards of campus couture. These fashion mavens bear the special distinction of having a flair for picking out that perfect accessory that gives their outfits a nice finishing personal touch, fully displaying the unique, stylistic individuality that allows them to shine above the rest.

Category: Bag

Emily Posner, ’04

Purchased at boutique in Chicago

Seeing that many people rely on the same dependable handbag day in and day out, it’s quite clear that bags are self-defining accessory items. Therefore, instead of blending in anonymously by carrying around some generic Jansport/Eastpak/North Face backpack, let your personality shine through in the stylistic quirks and patterns of a one-of-a-kind bag of your choosing. Or turn that regular knapsack into something spectacular with the kitschy, off-kilter pins and patches, anything that’ll advertise the wonderful characteristics that define you.


James Chung, ’05

Purchased at Sunglass Hut

The dark tints and shades of a sunglass can immediately enhance anyone’s cool, mysterious factor. They displace you from the rest of the world, allowing you to be an aloof voyeur who can observe others without notice by the visual shield that block your discerning, inquiring eyes from view. You can achieve this effect by playing it safe with a nice, low-key oval pair, or venture into the more daring with edgier frames that have a bit of an interesting futuristic or retro bent.


Group of architect students, starting from left to right:

Victor Nieto, 3rd year, NYC shoe retailer

Manuel Colon, 3rd year, Journey’s in Puerto Rico

Sumit Sahdev, 3rd year, Las Vegas shoe retailer

Noel Salinas, 2nd year,

Shoes are a highly underrated accessory item. No one notices your feet, and why would they want to, since they tend to be the most abused and unattractive appendage on our bodies. Nevertheless, donning your soles in a nice splashy pair of colorful sneakers or bowling shoes is bound to make your day a little brighter. And it will certainly command the respect and attention of females everywhere, for the shoe fetishist in all women have a fine appreciation for a sleek, chic foot accessory.

Archived article by Sherry Jun