September 19, 2002


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New Kid on the Block

Producers of the South African version of Sesame Street recently introduced a new addition to the cast named Kami. The lovable character is a mustard-colored furry Muppet who likes nature, telling stories, and collecting stuff. Oh, and he also happens to be HIV-positive.

How ironic is it that South Africa, once the global poster child for ignorance and intolerance, is the country that debuts an HIV-positive Muppet? The same character idea was shot down here in the U.S. after Republican congress members freaked out, fearing that the Muppet would promote homosexuality.

That’s right, South Africa is now officially more proactive and liberal than the U.S. If that’s not the definition of “fucked up,” someone needs to get on the phone with Webster right now.

Fading Rainbow

On what I’m sure is an entirely unrelated note, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation reported that the number of lesbian and gay characters on network TV has dropped from 20 last year to just seven. The numbers include lead, supporting, and minor recurring characters. The total number of shows featuring lesbian and gay roles shrank from 16 to just six this fall.

I guess we won’t be seeing any gay Muppets on Sesame Street anytime soon. And no, Bert and Earnie don’t count, jack ass.

Makes Me Glad I Don’t Have Cable

Rock star Courtney Love will be taking over MTV2 for an entire, agonizing 24 hours starting at 8 p.m. on Saturday. Advertised as “24 Hours of Love,” the event will be broadcast live and will feature Courtney’s favorite videos, visits by friends, and anything else she feels like putting on camera. Five bucks says that doesn’t include any Nirvana or Foo Fighters videos. By FAA regulations, messages will be displayed at the bottom of the screen warning that prolonged exposure to Courtney Love can cause deafness, seizures, and massive brain hemorrhages.

Isn’t MTV2 supposed to be the music video network that still plays real music videos? I bet this is all some hideous ploy to make Real World 23 or whatever damn number they’re on look good by comparison.

It’s All Greek to Me

In a move that would make Joe Liberman proud, Greece has officially banned all video games. This includes games run on PC’s, consoles like the PS2, and even games on cell phones. Greek Law Number 3037 explicitly forbids electronic games from public and private places, and people have already been slapped with massive fines as high as $75,000 U.S., and prison terms of up to a year.

Even better, the law applies equally to foreign visitors. “If you know these things are banned, you should not bring them in,” said a commercial attach