September 19, 2002

Tossed Salad

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The daze corner down at the Daily Sun office is home many things: music nerds, a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Pres. Hunting Rawling III, empty bottles of Bombay Sapphire Gin, photos of Siegfried and Roy, and a caged Umpa Lumpa (still living mind you). And on top of all of this, there are endless file cabinets full of forgotten crap — our own dead letter department. This past week, we decided to raid the drawers to see what they contained. Endless mystery awaited us.

Out of the otherworldly sarcophagus that is our filing cabinet poured forth heaps of neglected CDs (about which I’m sure you’ll read about soon), flopped novels, Meatloaf documentaries, and — in the deep bowels of the beast — a peculiar VHS case. We pulled it out and examined its cover. The two World Trade Towers were drawn shrouded in smoke, and superimposed on top was our own President Bush.

It was not, however a picture of the noble, heroic leader we all know and love. Here instead was some horrific, Mirror Universe Bush — Bizarro Bush if you will — with a turban and convincing drawn-on beard