September 27, 2002

Test Spin: Sara Groves

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Hard to believe a former high school English and History teacher could transform herself into a lyricist and singer, but low and behold that’s what Contemporary Christian rocker Sara Groves has done. Makes you think that just about anybody can get into the business these days. But hey, everyone has to get their start somewhere, right?

A former indie rocker, the sound is still evident in Groves’ latest work, All Right Here. This isn’t your typical “Our God is an Awesome God” praise-the-Lord music. It’s pure soulful energy echoing in Groves’ voice, a mix of the more recent sounds of girly-rock artists like Sarah McLachlan and the bluegrass twang of Nickel Creek. And like Creed, it’s easy to miss the religious ties and simply get lost in the relaxing, mesmerizing sound of Groves’ bright and entrancing voice.

Album opener “Less Like Scars” may take a second listening to really draw you in, but will ultimately be worth the passive attention you give any of your background study music. “All Right Here” is a standout among the other twelve predictably similar tracks with their sweet-n-simple one liner phrases. For a former English teacher, her lyrics aren’t too striking. That’s probably why she quit that job and moved on. In any case, All Right Here is your typical feel-good music — meant for light-listening and the pure enjoyment of something honest and simple.

Archived article by Laura Borden