October 3, 2002

A Look Inside

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Singer-songwriter John Mayer won over milions with the earnest and endearing everyman appeal of his 2001 release Room for Squares, a charming collection of thoughtful songs that exude the youthful, vibrant zeitgeist of a carefree, soul-searching American twenty-something. Listeners, particularly those of the college co-ed sect, took an immediate liking to the young boyish musician who could articulate the trials and tribulations of the “quarter-life crisis” they knew so well. A devoted fan base emerged, having started off “six feet small” but now growing in ever expanding numbers.

To take advantage of Mayer’s growing popularity, Sony has re-released his first album, Inside Wants Out, which initially made its debut in 1999. Having been an independent release, Inside Wants Out is essentially a more stripped-down, acoustic-driven version of its flashier, big name-produced successor. This definitely gives it more of an intimate performance vibe, sounding like something you’d hear at a caf