October 3, 2002

Editor's Note

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This is perhaps the most varied issue we’ve had to offer you yet. From our page 7 feature covering Edna O’Brein to a video game back feature complete with commentary from our very own movie editor, Matt Chock, this issue’s a keeper.

And, did I mention, it doubles as a life vest. Well, not really but we do have an ultimate guide to the best of life’s necessities in Adam Matthew’s latest intstallment of “Gotta Have It” on page 14. In addition to all the regular fun, we recently had a chat with novelist, film director, and professor Robert Lieberman. Check out the interview on page 15.

We’ve also got some quality concert coverage from yet another great show held last weekend in J.A.M. Ed Howard and Andrew Gilman have it covered.

Sherry Jun has our smelly bases covered this week with “Campus Couture.” That’s right, sick of smelling up the house? Check out some of her suggestions and get yourself smellin’ pretty. Believe me, once you have to start using the heat in your place, you’ll appreciate her advice. Of course, if you can actually afford the Chanel No. 5 (it runs 250 bucks an ounce), call me. We’ll hang out.

The music pages have a sort of theme this week: the enigma that is male solo artist. Read about the latest from Beck, Doug Martsch, John Mayer, Howie Day, and Peter Case. The guys steal the show this time.

A big congratulations this week to Jason Mednick who has risen from the pithy and trite position of Red Letter Daze Contributor to the respectable ranks of Red Letter Daze Staff Writer. You may think the difference is only 11 little letters, but just ask Jason, he’s sitting pretty now. Can you say, “fringe benefits”?

One last bit of wisdom: if you have a hairy hump on your back, do NOT apply Nair and forget to remove it for five hours. Chemical burns hurt.

Archived article by Ben Kupstas