October 3, 2002

Viewer Discretion Advised

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By Jason Mednick

red letter daze staff writer

Out October 1

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Starring a bunch of French actors you’ve never heard of, this film involves the legend of a mythic werewolf-like creature called The Beast of Gevaudan and the two men who set out to capture it. This film has got a little bit of everything: romance, fantasy, horror, and action. And did I mention gore? Lots and lots of it. Small children, persons apt to fainting spells, and Human Development majors have hereby been warned.

Nine Queens

This film, screened at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival, is essentially about a bunch of con artists pulling cons on each other back and forth. I guess all work and no conning makes these guys a bunch of dull boys (and girls).

The Scorpion King

Hailed as the prequel to The Mummy Series, WWF star The Rock plays lead man in a 91 minute barrage of sword-clanging action. Vince McMahon carries an Executive Producer credit