October 3, 2002

Witherspoon Goes South

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Looking suspiciously like a young Meg Ryan with her cropped blond hair, Reese Witherspoon proves that her name alone can carry a silly but sweet romantic comedy to the number one slot at the Box Office. After last year’s surprise hit Legally Blond, Witherspoon, with her sweet looks and undeniable talent, has quickly become a Hollywood favorite leading lady.

Despite its cheesy and unoriginal storyline, Sweet Home Alabama was an enjoyable watch mostly because of Witherspoon’s presence. True to its genre, the film was chock-full of romantic moments that made the dozen or so sorority girls sitting directly behind me squeal loudly with either envy or vicarious delight, while my boyfriend sweetly looked at me and told me he wished he could equal the romantic gestures of Witherspoon’s onscreen fianc