October 10, 2002

Editor's Note

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It’s our very great honor this week to present to you the David M. Solinger collection of modern art. Check out the monstrous double-feature that begins on page 7. Better yet, head over to the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art any time between October 12 and January 12 (excepting winter break, of course) to see some of the finest examples of modern art you’ll ever see. No, seriously: Go.

In reading Erica Stein’s column on movies like The Princess Bride and Labyrinth, I was reminded of the first time I saw David Bowie as the villain in the latter film. Not until years later did I realize he was a man. Ground control to major drag queen. That song has been stuck in my head since the ’80s — “The power of the babe/ What babe?/ The babe with the power/ What power?/ The power of voodoo, who do, you do/ Do what?/ Remind me of the babe.” Oh yeah! Remember the little worm that comes out of the wall and invites the girl in for tea? He was my favorite.

Make sure you turn to the back page to read newbie Chris Wells’ coverage of the Mickey Hart visit. Deadheads and music lovers alike should check it out (I’m not implying that deadheads are not music lovers, or am I?).

We hope you all enjoy your fall break, if you have one. Take some time to breathe some crisp air, look at the changing foliage, and catch up on sleep. Some of you may know this already from Psych 101, but sleep deprivation is a debilitating epidemic in our country. According to snorenet.com, at least 70 million Americans do not get enough sleep. Over 20 million, including both of our fathers, are chronic snorers. And take note: nearly 30% of these snorers with a neck of 17 inches and wider suffer from the dangerous disorder known as sleep apnea. Check the neck! So, enjoy the break. We’ll be back on October 24. We’ll miss you!

Archived article by Ben Kupstas