October 10, 2002

End the Trend?

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Fall break will soon be upon us. A time for a mass evacuation of our homes, university, and occasional prison, this inadequate vacation will go by quicker than time flies by here on the hill. Whether we travel home or elsewhere or simply sulk around campus, Fall Break will provide us an opportunity to do those things we’ve been meaning to do, to catch up on the stuff that our schedules simply have not permitted. As we will all spend our break doing various activities, this should be a time to change things up a bit and come back with a fresh outlook. I have compiled a list of recent music/trends you should check out over break:

1. The NYC Scene.

Providing everything from inspiration to mere housing, New York City has always been a haven and a cultural center for artists. From within the City’s five boroughs, a stunning plethora of artists — iconoclastic revolutionaries and unoriginal phonies alike — have emerged throughout the history of music.