October 10, 2002

Test Spin – Strangefolk

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Coast to Coast is the newly released seven-track live album from jam band Strangefolk. Though the tracks are few, the Vermont-based quintet provides a lengthy album that plays well over an hour with multiple 10 to 15 minute performances. The opening track “First Time” starts the album off solidly with top-notch vocal performances while songs like “Anchor” showcase the great bass and song progression that the band has to offer. “Got you Movin'” plays well and has the smooth makings of a Dave Matthews concert. Most of the songs maintain their Phish-edge and upbeat feel while a few lose their promising catch halfway through. “Come on Down” appears to go nowhere in its eleven minutes while the jazzy “In Deep” is unnecessarily long and could easily be split into two or three separate songs. By the end of the album, the R&B guitar riffs and background vocals seem to have been lingering for quite some time. Overall, Coast to Coast is a consistent, smooth, and groovy effort although it loses some of its flavor over the course of the album. It’s a good listen and no barbeque play-list would be complete without it.

Archived article by Dan Cohen