October 24, 2002

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MTV celebrated the 1,000 episode of Total Request Live yesterday with live performances by No Doubt and Nick Carter. The show also trotted out the usual assortment of special guests and showed flashbacks of the program’s greatest moments. The whole thing reminded me that the show’s producers continue ignore all of my requests, including more shots of Gwen Stefani’s belly-button, or having a cross-over with WWE: Tough Enough where the Rock bitch-slaps on Carter and the rest of the Backstreet Boys.

I’d be happier with this whole Backstreet Boys hiatus thing if the members stopped putting out crap solo projects. Now instead of dealing with one Backstreet Boys album every few months I have to deal with five; there’s only so many CD’s a man can burn in a day.

Hair Apparent

For the Elvis fan who thinks they have everything, thousands of strands of the King’s hair collected by his barber are set to be auctioned on October 28 over MastroNet. Bidding is set to start at a mere $10,000. Buy them all and make an authentic Elvis wig.

Meanwhile various British actors, musicians, and athletes allowed copies of their body parts to be cast in solid gold and auctioned off online. Internet company Tiscali will be donating the proceeds to aid Breast Cancer Care. E! Online reported actor Jude Law donated his six-pack stomach, while Atomic Kitten Jenny Frost made a copy of her butt, G-string included.

Space Invader

A California woman recently had a restraining order slapped on her after allegedly stalking director Steven Spielberg. 47-year-old Diana Louisa Napolis composed a 13-page manifesto claiming the filmmaker and his wife, Kate Capshaw, were members of an evil cult that gathered in their basement to spy on Napolis’ meetings with extraterrestrials. Napolis also claimed Spielberg implanted a mind-control device called a “soul catcher” to control her actions.

Just to be clear on the matter, Spielberg said in a press release that, “to state the obvious, I am not involved with any form of manipulating Ms. Napolis’ mind or body through remote technology or otherwise.”

Pot, Meet Kettle

Government officials in Thailand are ticked over Christina Aguilera’s new music video, “Dirrty,” which features Thai-language posters in the background alluding to the country’s supposed prolific sex industry. Aguilera apparently gyrates in front of signs sporting slogans like “Thailand’s sex tourism” and “Young underage girls.”

Something tells me that Thai officials are just upset that Thai internet sex sites are outnumbered 2 to 1 by sites featuring fake nude pictures of Christina Aguilera.

No Apologies

Andy Rooney conceded that he probably shouldn’t have said anything about women commentating on NFL games, but stopped short of offering an actual apology, saying his statement was “a derogatory remark I would have been better off not having made.”

“I wish I hadn’t included all women covering football, some are quite good,” he added. “But most of the women are there because they’re good looking not because they know the game.”

Rooney has been slammed by women’s groups for his remarks, but he protests the idea that he’s a misogynist: “Anyone who says I’m sexist knows less about me than those women do about football.”

Archived article by Matt Chock