October 31, 2002

Campus Couture

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Halloween is here, yet being the utterly busy and mature college student that you are, you’ve dismissed the thought of dressing up as child’s play and opted to stay in for the night. Remember, however, that this is the one night where all the dead souls dispossessed from their decaying bodies make a desperate attempt to inhabit fresh new live ones. And seeing that several lovely cemeteries keep close quarters to our campus, shouldn’t you play it safe and don some last-minute ghoulish garb to scare off those uninvited other worldly citizens?

You don’t need to make a mad, last-minute rush down to the mall or the Commons to get your evil spirit-repelling costume. In fact, your own closet is an enormous resource for pulling together a smashing outfit. Articles of clothing that you didn’t think had frightening potential can be transformed into weyward wardrobe with the simple additional aide of minimal makeup and hairspray. So here are a few tips on how to quickly whip out some eerie ensembles:


Sally the Rag Doll from The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you have your own worn art smock, preferably one with holes, stains, and interesting patchwork, or can borrow one from a friend, you’ve got the basics of this costume down. A simple gothic black dress will suffice as well. Striped tights and dark under-eye makeup giving you that starved, sleep-deprived look will complete the look. Carrie from The Rage 2: Carrie, This is a relatively easy costume to piece together. All you need to do is pretend like you’re going to an ordinary formal by wearing a pretty dress, heels, and classy makeup. But the elegant glamour will all go downhill when you draw on some barbed wire patterns around your arms and face, allowing you to exude that crazed, possessed fury of a teenage outcast gone wrong.


Jack Nicholson from The Shining. You probably don’t need to go searching for some special accessories to transform yourself into Jack Nicholson’s crazed character in Stanley Kubrick’s spine-chilling horror film. The look is all in the face–the grease, the blackened, leering grin, the five o’clock shadow, and the unruly hair. With the assistance of your own natural oils or some pomade and black makeup, you can step outside and terrify anyone with an enthusiastic, “Here’s Johnny!”

Patrick Bateman from American Psycho. Again, as long as you have a suit and can do the whole pretty boy look, you’re more than halfway done with this outfit. Just carry a fake meat-cleaver around with you to convince those around you that you are a lustful, bloodthirsty Wall street yuppie willing to sabotage those you stand in your way.

Archived article by Sherry Jun