November 4, 2002

Milk Rules! Road Tour Stops at Appel

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Even the 38 degree weather did not stop the cows from coming as the Milk Rules! Road Trip made its last tour stop on Friday at Appel Commons.

Milk Rules! has toured over 100 cities across the nation, from places such as Billings, Mont. to Manchester, N.H., promoting milk consumption since March.

Students could have their picture taken in front of a Rolling Stone magazine backdrop with the chance to appear in their own Got Milk? advertisement that would appear in the magazine. In addition, students could create a video clip with the possibility of winning an all-expenses paid trip to New York City and introduce a music video on MTV’s Total Request Live (TRL).

“The whole reason why we do this is so that students could find out more about Cornell Dairy and milk,” said Kim Bukowski, manager of Cornell Dairy.

This year, the campaign’s efforts are focused on the teen population, according to Jeremy Adams, Got Milk? spokesperson.

“My concern is that teens are not drinking as much milk as they used to,” Bukowski said, noting that ten years ago, Cornell Dairy processed 30 percent more milk than it does today.

During the event, participants received free food and gifts. Tour organizers handed out Got Milk? frisbees and visors and Cornell Dining provided donuts, hot chocolate and apple cider. Students also could trade in a receipt of purchase for any half-gallon of milk and two cartons of flavored milk for a free t-shirt.

“We’ve had a great reaction,” said Lisa Gold, another Got Milk? spokesperson. “It’s been awesome; everyone wants to do the milk mustache photos.”

Cornell Dairy brought cows and Mocha Milk to the event. The cows were later taken off the grassy area in front of Appel Commons because “they were ruining the grass,” Bukowski said.

The tour chooses one representative from each city that they visit to enter a pool. Two different people from this pool will win either the TRL or Rolling Stone contest.

This is the third time that the Milk Rules! Road Trip has come to Cornell. In the past two years, the event has been held during the summer at the Dairy Bar, according to Bukowski.

She also said that this is the first year that Cornell Dairy and Cornell Dining have both helped coordinate the event, and it is also the first time that the Milk Rules! event has occurred outside the Dairy Bar.

Part of the reason for the move was to help bring the focus back to teens. The lack of students during the summer prevents the tour from reaching teens and Cornellians who have left Ithaca, according to Bukowski.

Students said they enjoyed the tour.

“It’s fun and it’s a good opportunity that everyone gets to be able to do,” Anne Marie Aponte ’06 said. “It’s cool to see stuff like this come to Cornell.”

Archived article by Brian Tsao