November 6, 2002

Representative returns to D.C. after repeat landslide victory

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Representative Maurice D. Hinchey (D) of New York’s 22nd Congressional District, which includes Ithaca, claimed his sixth victory last night and will continue to represent the students of Cornell in the House of Representatives.

Hinchey won in a landslide, claiming 64% of votes.

Eric Hall (R), 32, who challenged the incumbent Hinchey, received 33% of the votes, while Paul Laux of the Right to Life Party garnered 1%.

The 22nd district of New York was, prior to the 2000 census, mainly a portion of the 26th district. The loss of two congressional seats in the state necessitated redrawing districts.

Hinchey’s territory now includes Ithaca and Tompkins County as well as Binghamton and many counties along the Pennsylvania border as well as one city East of the Hudson River.

“The territory is a little bit different,” said Hinchey, “but ninety percent of the district is the same, and I still represent all of the city and town of Ithaca and Cornell University.”

“I look forward to continue to represent Cornell,” Hinchey said.

Hinchey has served as the representative for this area since 1993. Prior to becoming a congressman, Hinchey represented Saugerties in the New York State Assembly.

Actor Robert Redford and others have supported Hinchey for his strong environmentally-friendly voting and action record, according to the Friends of Maurice Hinchey.

Representative Hinchey has recently distinguished himself by speaking and acting against President Bush’s proposal for action in Iraq.

“I have been very pleased in the way people have supported me in my position on Iraq,” Hinchey said, “What President Bush wants to do would be very dangerous for the country and for the world.”

“There is no logical reason for it,” Hinchey continued. “It is frankly a deception that takes attention away from the economy and the al-Qaida network both here and abroad.”

Speaking on the conduct of his opponents, Hinchey said, “My opponents were pretty gentlemanly. They maintained focus on the issues as they saw them.”

“I’m ready to concede,” Hall said, “I would like to thank the Republican and Conservative voters in the 22nd.”

Hall added, “I would like to congratulate Representative Hinchey, and I hope that he enjoys his last two years in office.”

Jackie Koeppel ’05, an active member of the Cornell Democrats and a member of the Student Assembly, commented, “At many events, Maurice [Hinchey] has been there for us.”

“We have a very good working relationship,” Koeppel added. “Some of the club leaders worked for his chief of staff, Dan Lamb, over the summer.”

Archived article by Chris Mitchell