November 7, 2002

Campus Couture

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The weather outside is frightful, but inside is not delightful because you’re in the stressful situation of having to decide which coat you should wear to help you brave the cold. Should you go classic and throw on the pea coat? Or should you glam out and go for fabulous faux fur? Maybe you should just keep it low key and wear that casual wool-lined jean jacket. By the time you get over your indecisive or’s and maybe’s and finally get around to making a decision, winter will be over and spring will already have made its rounds.

Actually, seeing that winter here extends well beyond its expiration date of Groundhog’s Day, there will be plenty of time to make your grand entrance in the many coats of your choosing. Even better is the liberating news that there is no one single dominant fad in coat fashion this year; the jacket market is a versatile one. Whether you choose to be funky, classy, grungy, or preppy, know that you can’t go wrong in whatever you step out in because anything goes! So have fun experimenting with different styles and reinventing yourself … here’s a list of the most distinctive and noteworthy of the lot to help inspire you in your outerwear makeover madness.

Biker Chick Chic: Black leather will give your look an enticing edge, one that will transform you into the rebellious “It” bad-girl of the moment. Living Large — Leather jacket from Balenciaga for $3,190. Penny Pinching — Distressed leather motorcycle jacket from Banana Republic for $198.

Soft Shearling: For that quaint, Little House on the Prairie look, the soft, rustic old-fashioned appeal of lamb shearling will do the trick. Living Large — Shearling coat from Andrew Marc for $1,250. Penny Pinching — Long ranch jacket from Old Navy for $52.

Anorak Attack: The luxurious appeal of a fur-trimmed jacket will command all those around you to bow down to the Snow Queen. Living Large — Eggshell cotton canvas with rabbit and coyote anorak from Michael Kors for $3,295. Penny Pinching — WeatherEdge down parka from Eddie Bauer for $250.

Bohemian Beauty: Don’t want to be part of the mainstream? Then try these off-kilter, alternative designs to show off the unique individual that you are. LIving Large — Beige zipped coat from Louis Vuitton for $10,700. Penny Pinching — Embroidered toggle coat from Anthropologie for $148.

Archived article by Sherry Jun