November 7, 2002


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Hi everybody. I’m not Nate. I’m not Ben. I’m Matt. Normally Nate and Ben write happy, love-love messages here extolling the awesome virtue of our beloved daze, but they’re MIA tonight participating in a low-budget re-creation of the Revolutionary War. So, it falls upon me, the Movie Editor/Design Monkey, to attempt to encapsulate the boundless wonders awaiting you this week.

Entertainment News explores the age-old question of whether people are mindless enough to let video games tell them how to live. The Rant asks if, like our great nation, cell phones are worth dying for. Take One takes a look at George Clooney’s ass. And you’ll find good vibrations waiting for you in this week’s Interactive Daze.

This week’s reviewers are definitely feeling happy vibes, as we have two five-tower classics. I don’t particularly agree with giving Tori Amos a rating. You can not rate Tori Amos. She is the ethereal, ever changing and ever shifting — like her hair on the cover.

Speaking of covers, ours features something on the 2001 N.Y.C. mayoral elections. We know the 2001 N.Y.C. mayoral elections happened in 2001, not 2002, which is the current year. But we here at daze do not adhere to such facist notions as linear time. Like Tori Amos, we are everywhere, everytime. You can tell this from the music we play at our office.

You know what? Fuck this. It’s 3 in the fucking morning. Nobody reads this fucking Editor’s Note shit. Ben and Nate established this last week. Fuckers. I hate them. I want to go home, back to Hawaii. It’s warm there. With sun. Not the Daily Sun. There’s no warmth here. Except for the burning hatred I feel. Read my column. Goodnight.

Archived article by Matt Chock