November 7, 2002

Test Spin: Bic Runga

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Bic Runga’s follow-up to her impressive debut CD Drive, was certainly something to look forward to (I loved “Sway” from the American Pie soundtrack). That is, until I started listening to Beautiful Collision. Whereas her last album was fresh and lively, Collision is a bore and sounds like it is geared towards the easy-listening FM crowd.

The songs are redundant; if you’ve heard the first track, “When I See You Smile,” you’ve pretty much heard them all. “Something Good” sounds like a Barry Manilow classic with its corny lyrics, “Just wanna know ya/ Just wanna talk to ya.” “Election Night,” “The Be All and End All,” and “Gravity” are also particularly disappointing.

The lyrics to “Gravity” are unparalleled in their absurdity. “If gravity let us go/ we would all go flying.” (Really? I wouldn’t have known.) There are a few precious, redeemable moments. “Get Some Sleep,” probably the most upbeat song on the album, sounds completely out of place amidst the rubbish, and “Precious Things” has some nice piano work. Runga is reminiscent of Jewel, another artist who showed much promise and talent on her debut but disappointed with her following albums. Beautiful Collision probably won’t be a hit in the U.S., but Runga always has her native New Zealand, where apparently she’s their Britney.

Archived article by Sophia Asare