November 14, 2002

Campus Couture

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When it comes to fashion on campus, there seems to be a generic play-it-safe preppy-casual look that dominates. Of course, there are a few colorful characters that pop up here and there, mostly in the form of the fashionably innovative fine arts student or a slick Hotellie in his sharp and snappy suit. But for the most part, people stick with what’s comfortable. However, there must be days when the monotony of kick-back comfort gets to you, when you feel like doing something drastic like getting in touch with your inner wild child and externalizing that spunky self in the form of a flashy, splashy ensemble. And even if you hate their music, you secretly envy pop pretty boys like Justin Timberlake and teen queens like Avril Lavigne for getting away with making gaudy garb a full-time livelihood. So what’s stopping you from turning the campus into your own personal catwalk? It’s really quite easy to rip off celeb styles, although in fashion, originality is highly prized. But if you really are too stressed and sleep-deprived to think of something spectacular, here’s a neatly compiled guide of easy celebrity fashion knock-offs.

Avril Lavigne: This little punk pixie is extremely obnoxious, especially when she hates on Britney and claims to be all about talent when her own lyrics are a little lacking in profundity, but she sure is a cute looking brat. To copy: black knee-length shorts, short-sleeved white shirt, black neck-tie, tons of black eye shadow.

Justin Timberlake: He’s come a long way from those nightmarish N Sync platinum blonde curls. His current look asserts his newfound masculinity, and it’s no wonder that all the Janet Jacksons and Alyssa Milanos of the world are rushing to be with him. To copy: shortly cropped hair, slight facial hair, black fitted shirt with matching leather gloves, unbuttoned blouse and belt, dark blue baggy pants, Celtic cross necklace.

Christina Aguilera: Lately, Christina seems to think it’s quantity that counts, not quality, when it comes to clothing and makeup. She should realize that less is more, and the whole extravagance makes her look like a drag queen, but you have to admire her for living up to that larger-than-life diva image both in personality and in appearance. To copy: pink fedora hat, midriff-baring baby tee, beige pants, trendy black belt, multi-colored scarf, wavy hair with randomly braided and black-dyed strands, fake orange tan.

Nick Carter: Nick has actually improved quite a bit from his boy band days, commendably foregoing that prepubescent getup for a more grownup scruffy look. His style is the least flashy out of the four, yet it is in no way dull or ordinary. To copy: oversized shades, simple necklace, matching set of tan-colored dress shirt, pants, and jacket, studded belt to break up color scheme.

Archived article by Sherry Jun