November 14, 2002


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What up dawgs? I just saw 8 Mile with my boy Jimmy Rabbit a.k.a. Eminem a.k.a. Slim Shady a.k.a. Marshal Mathers. It was dope yo. Check out the review on page 4. Only two and a half towers, that’s bullshit, dawg.

This week, professor Jonathan Kirshner of Cornell’s government department joins daze in praise of Bob Dylan — the rock icon who recently played in Elmira. Check out the double-header coverage on page 6 and see how cooperation between professor and student is, indeed, possible.

Also, after this issue you’ve no longer got any reason to bitch about being bored and alone. Flip to Kristin Hall’s Online Dating feature on pg. 16, learn what it takes to find a match on the web, get yourself a snuggly winter buddy, and head to Cornell