November 20, 2002

Polo Teams Host Tournament

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Cornell’s polo teams look to regain their momentum in today’s Field Tournament at Oxley Center. After a stifling defeat for the men and a tie for the women at Virginia last week, both teams aim to improve their records and chances at a national title.

Both teams traveled to UVA last weekend undefeated. The men were not expected to win, but the national favorite women’s team was upset by UVA in a five goal tie. Both teams were hurt by UVA’s distinctly larger field, forcing a change in strategy and game play.

The Cornell riders will be looking to get back into the rhythm of their games this week as the tournament unfolds at Oxley.

“I’m not looking to really change anything,” said head coach David Eldredge ’81. “It’s just a matter of getting back on track. The game we’ve been playing has been doing very well and we’ll see how it matches up.”

The women start the evening off against Yale. Yale is not expected to put up much of a fight against the women. Eldredge plans to put in the starters and later sub in Audrey Robertson and Kristin Taylor.

“We expect to win the match because the Yale team is pretty weak from what we hear,” said Eldredge. “It will be a good game to get under our belt as the intensity picks up.”

Later in the week, the riders will face Colorado State, UC Davis, and may potentially get a rematch against UVA. Eldredge expects the UVA vs. Colorado State match to be one to watch. While the Red remains national favorites, the other two schools have been jockeying for position to end the Red streak of three national titles.

Last weekend’s game at UVA gave the Red a look into UVA’s weak points. While struggling because of the larger field, the women will look to sweep the weekend at home on the smaller field.

The men also start the tournament against Yale tonight. Eldredge expects the men to add another win to their record.

“I expect we should be able to win the game rather easily,” said Eldredge. “They’ve got a little experience, but they’ll be a lot like Skidmore.”

The men defeated the Skidmore Thoroughbreds 36-6 three weeks ago. The Yale matchup will allow Eldredge to bring in some players from the bench who have been performing well at practice.

The men will also face Colorado State later in the week. Colorado State is currently the favorite.

“Colorado State can definitely beat us,” said Eldredge. “It will be the same type of game as against UConn, and we barely beat them.”

The Red pulled an upset win against UConn early in the season, but Colorado State will be a true test of the team’s abilities.

As coach Eldredge said, “Colorado [State] will be the team to beat.”

Archived article by Josh Dormont