November 21, 2002

Entertainment News

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The self-proclaimed King of Pop is in headlines again after holding his youngest child over his Berlin hotel balcony. Michael Jackson, ironically in Germany to receive a lifetime achievement award and to ironically attend a benefit night for homeless children, dangled his son over the railing as he waved to fans four stories below.

The Associated Press reported that German prosecutors said they would only investigate if they receive a complaint. Meanwhile, Jackson apologized for his actions saying he made a “terrible mistake.”

That hasn’t stopped the European media from smashing the superstar in headlines, of course. The British tabloid The Daily Mirror has dubbed him the “mad bad dad.” Someone should file charges against the Mirror for their headlines — reading that would scar me worse than being dangled from a fourth-story balcony.

According to a statement by Antje Sigesmund, a spokeswoman for the Bambi entertainment award ceremony, the child is Jackson’s third and youngest, Prince Michael II. The singer also has fathered two children with ex-wife Debbie Rowe: a five-year-old boy, also named Prince Michael, and a four-year-old girl, Paris.

What amazes me the most about this story is that Jackson didn’t lose his kids after naming not one, but two of them Prince Michael. Well, that and the fact Jackson’s been married. Twice.

Bare Facts

The National Organization for Women, Concerned Women for America, and the Parents Television Council were among multiple groups protesting Victoria’s Secret’s latest televised fashion show, which they called a “soft-core porn infomercial.” The groups say that the show degrades women.

Sex and skimpy clothing on TV: the only thing that could bring women’s rights groups and conservatives together.

“Despite what the PTC says, this is not pornography,” CBS spokesman Chris Ender said. “It’s a one-hour fashion show mixed with musical performances and comedy segments.” This is different from pornography, where the music and performances provide all the comedy you need.

“Does it push the envelope? Sure. But everyone knows what the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is,” he said. “With the advance publicity and the content advisory, every viewer will be armed with information to make their own choice.”

CBS is all too familiar with censorship, having edited out a protest at last week’s taping by animal rights activists. Four demonstrators rushed the stage with signs saying “Gisele: Fur Scum,” when model Gisele Bundchen appeared. Bundchen has a modeling contract with a leading fur company.

Right, so you’ll fight censorship only when it benefits your ratings. Fucking hypocrites.

Hot Topic

In the vein of such high-class websites like, ABC has reached a new low in exploitation television. The family network just ordered up a new reality show called Are You Hot?, where contestants compete