November 22, 2002

Campus Couture

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It happens all the time. We see a picture of a fabulous outfit on a gorgeous celebrity whose style we’ve always admired, so we rush to the department store in hopes of emulating the fantastic look, only to see the dressing room mirrors shatter at the horrifying outcome. Sadly, some styles just weren’t meant to be, we are better suited for certain looks over others, and, hanging our heads in disappointed defeat, we go back to the safe, tried-and-true outfits that have come to define and characterize us.

Why is it that some of us can pull of garish pink shirts and flashy fur coats while others can’t, and those same fashion iconoclasts fail horribly in classic prep while the former failures succeed in this style sector? The answer just might lie in the stars, in astrology, that is. Maybe the alignment of the stars and the Sun that you were born under has such an overwhelming cosmological force that it has considerable influence over determining your style, and you really can’t do much to change it.

Before you go dismissing this as superstitious nonsense, think about the high profile and style-conscious celebrities you see in the media. Perhaps you’ve always identified with the perfect refined elegance of Gwyneth Paltrow, admiring her for sharing your appreciation for high fashion. If this is the case, chances are good that you’re a Libra, a sign known for having an innate aesthetic sense. Did it occur to you that Paltrow is also a Libra? Strangely enough, other famous stars who share your’s and Paltrow’s penchant for classic glamour such as Catherine Zeta-Jones and sophisticated designer Donna Karan are Libras as well. Call it coincidence if you will, but astrology seems to be on to something! If this doesn’t convince you, you can keep pursuing your futile quest to wear something and be something that you simply are not. Otherwise, if you’ve been swayed by this line of hard fashion determinism, here’s a guide on how to dress according to the dynamic quirks of your astrological sign.

First, find your sign

then find your style.


*An Aries is characterized by his or her bold assertiveness, making one born under this sign a natural born leader. Style-wise, they are the trendsetters, setting bold fashion statements that everyone else wants to follow. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Sarah Jessica Parker. Definitive Designer: Jean Paul Gautier.


*Taurians tend to be stubborn and grounded, as well as being very sensual creatures. They are usually brand name whores, fitting themselves only in the finest of fashions. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: George Clooney. Definitive Designer: Louis Vuitton.


*Geminis are the witty and flirty social butterflies who liven up the party. Like their dynamic personalities, their style is just as lively, being ever-changing and experimental. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Angeline Jolie. Definitive Designer: Anna Sui.


*Cancers are sensitive and very in tune with their emotions. They prefer the classic comfort mode of clothing. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Tom Cruise. Definitive Designer: Ralph Lauren.


*Leos, being the showy drama queens that they are, want to draw just as much attention to their appearance, opting for overindulgence in top-notch, opulent clothing. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Jennifer Lopez. Definitive Designer: Versace.


*Virgos are rational and practical perfectionists. As a result, they go for neat, understated minimalism and subdued, neutral tones. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Sean Connery. Definitive Designer: Calvin Klein.


*Libras are romantic people and have a taste for the aesthetically pleasing. They are then trendy by nature and are always impeccably dressed in the most sophisticated styles. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Gwyneth Paltrow. Definitive Designer: Giorgio Armani.


*Scorpios live up to the stinging connotations of their sign, being emotionally intense and changing their styles according to their torrent change in moods. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Larry Flynt. Definitive Designer: Moschino.


*Sagittarians are spontaneous and curious, and their style can be labeled as comfortable, natural, no-nonsense, and no-fuss. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Katie Holmes. Definitive Designer: Miu Miu.


*Capricorns are the ambitious go-getters always dressed for success. Their clothes convey motivation and practicality. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Jude Law. Definitive Designer: Bill Blass.


*Aquarians are sharp and shrewd, whose perceptive intelligence allows for them to be the creative innovators of our world. Like their originality, their style is quirky, colorful, and offbeat. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Princess Caroline of Monaco. Definitive Designer: Betsey Johnson.


*A Pisces is warmhearted and empathetic, running on emotions and instincts. Because they are so open to everything, they are compatible with all styles. Stylin’ Astrological Celebrity Counterpart: Jon Bon Jovi. Definitive Designer: FrostFrench.

Archived article by Sherry Jun