November 22, 2002

Test Spin: The Orange County Supertones

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Our days typically lack multiple epiphanies and songs called “Superfly” typically lack even more. Yet, the Orange County Supertones counter this accepted knowledge with their lyrics: “We came with jams equipped/ I brought some rhymes to spit/ Beats to move your feet and hips/ Jesus, you’re in these lyrics.” My introduction to the apparently burgeoning Christian punk scene was a revelation, evidence of an impending apocalypse. Here is a band indebted to nth-wave ska-punk with impressively tedious lyrics culled from a fairly shallow theological knowledge: how there was once a savior named Christ and how he is good. What would Joe Strummer say if he was alive? I don’t know, it’s unintelligible. Certainly, Christianity has been mixed with a modicum of punk (albeit less overtly) in U2 and Sinead O’Connor. However, although Dublin may be the incubator for spiritual enlightenment, if there is one area not suffused with the Lord’s beatific rays, it is Orange County, CA, the land of smog and gas stations. Nevertheless, the federal crime that is the inane lyrics are accompanied by what sounds like Coca-Cola commercials. It doesn’t help that their aptly-titled “Birth of the Uncool” is more of a tribute to 7-Up than to Miles Davis. If Al-Qaeda’s goal is to remove any support of Christianity from the United States, then the disastrously adolescent and trivial OC Supertones can safely be considered terrorists.

Archived article by Alex Linhardt