December 6, 2002

TEST SPIN: Sean Paul

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Dutty Rock is the newest release from Jamaican native Sean Paul. His dancehall style of music is a mix of reggae and hip-hop with catchy accompaniments that tie it all together. The album is extremely long with 22 tracks, but it boasts a handful of interludes and talented guests to break the album up for anyone with an attention deficit disorder. Though I cannot understand anything Sean Paul says between his Jamaican-born accent and fast-as-hell delivery, the sound is intoxicating. The album manages to keep all of its songs distinct while maintaining a constant, dance-inducing energy.

“Gimme The Light” and its remix are clearly the album’s highlights. The track is a must for any dance party as it energetically flows a beat that could go all night if it wanted to. “Like Glue” is another quality track as it has elements that most dance songs lack. Its several verses reveal an echoing keyboard and superb background vocals. “Bubble” shows the hip-hop influence while “Punkie” displays Paul’s reggae roots. “My Name” and “Can You Do The Work” are two other tracks that show the power of combining the two into dancehall vibrancy.

This album in itself can be a great 75-minute dance mix and Sean Paul will soon, no doubt, be in “the (spot)light,” just as he asked for.

Archived article by Dan Cohen