January 22, 2003

C.U. Board of Trustees Begin Meeting Today

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The Board of Trustees’ January meeting begins today at the Weill Medical College in New York City. The meeting will run through Saturday.

Discussion at the meeting will touch on various topics, including a report from President Hunter R. Rawlings III and a report on the Land Grant Study conducted during the past year. Board members are also expected to approve the higher 2003-04 tuition rates for the endowed colleges.

Though most portions of the meeting will be closed to the public, the first hour of Friday afternoon’s meeting, beginning at 1:45 p.m., will be open to observers. Also, several committees, including the Building and Properties Committee, the Land Grant and Statutory College Affairs Committee, the Audit Committee and the Committee on Academic Affairs and Campus Life, will hold open sessions on Thursday and Friday.

This meeting is the first of four meetings held annually by the Board of Trustees. The first is generally held in New York City, while the following three are held in Ithaca.

Archived article by David Andrade