January 22, 2003

Hoping for a Big Red Santa

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Much to the chagrin of my older brother, my Christmas and birthday lists were not typed and alphabetized in an Excel spreadsheet this year. They did not have catalogue page numbers or website links. No, this year I took the high road. Come on, I’m a college senior, I had to mature at some point, right? Instead I said: “Whatever you pick out is fine.” Well, next year I think I’m back to spreadsheets. Just kidding, Chip!

So instead of a list sent to the North Pole, I’m jumping on Assistant Sports Editor Alex Fineman’s bandwagon and sending it to Ithaca, specifically to the athletic offices. So in no particular order, I present my wish list for second semester.

1.) That Eric Taylor teaches me how to dunk. Putting aside the whole 5-3 thing, I mean, white girls can jump, right? All right, how about this