January 24, 2003

A Not-So-Perfect Winter Break

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I admit it. I stayed at home almost all of Winter Break, watching way too much T.V., and filling out way too few job applications. Hey it’s my last Winter Break ever, I’ll never be able to do absolutely nothing for five weeks until I retire. But with this time, I was able to research valuable information on the state of today’s media, especially the variety in commercials between the 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. SportsCenters. Aside from the SportsCenter promos, good ads were few and far between.

However, the most irksome came about halfway through the break. You know it — it’s the Sports Illustrated one selling the commemorative football and book chronicling the Buckeyes 2002 season. “It was the perfect end of the perfect season…”

Wait just a minute … perfect? I don’t know what game those so called sports reporters were watching, but I wouldn’t call it perfect. Actually I’d call Ohio State damn lucky to have gotten that interference call in overtime, giving it a first down and four more chances to score a touchdown.

If it were perfect, wouldn’t have Craig Krenzel, Ohio State’s quarterback, completed all of his passes without those two interceptions. And does one ever have to punt in a perfect game? I don’t know about defense, but ceding 24 points even if it is to Ken Dorsey and Miami in two overtimes isn’t quite a Mary Poppins or Don Larson in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series standard of perfection.

And just why is a game that goes into overtime deemed a great game. There have been many horrible games that have extended past regulation that should have been relieved much sooner. Case in point: the Cornell-Brown football game this year in which the Red won 10-7. It was just painful to see the combined 12 turnovers, even those at the end of the cold rainy day. The only good thing was the delicious hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies in the antiquated press box.

However, the institution of the shootout in college hockey is always exciting. During the Everblades College Classic over Dec. 29-30 Ohio State (the Buckeyes again!) and Massachusetts remained tied after the third period. Instead of playing 20-minute overtime periods, as was the case last year when Cornell and Northern Michigan fought a double-overtime marathon that the Red lost 4-3, they had a five-minute overtime period followed by a shootout. Even though the game has been recorded as a tie, the shootout was the highlight of the game. Hell there were more good scoring chances in those four minutes than in the game prior to that point. That shootout was one of the few high points for me during that weekend.

Finally to my mom, with whom I shared a less than perfect weekend in Fort Myers:

Not only did Cornell lose twice, our flights were delayed, we were verbally abused by UMass hockey players, sacrificed our lives while walking to our hotel room, ate only at sports bars (and not the vegetarian friendly types), and had a Suburban run over our rental car. This brings me to my point — the announcement and posting on the jumbotron at Teco Arena, “Marcie Angel from N.Y., please move your car,” was there because the aforementioned Suburban was resting on our parked Dodge Stratus, and couldn’t pull away from the gargantuan dent it gauged into our bumper. Marcie Angel did nothing wrong except not having the prescience to see that our little rental car was fodder for that oversized SUV. Hope you feel redeemed, Mom.

Archived article by Amanda Angel