January 30, 2003

Campus Couture

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The word spring has a nice, cheery ring to it, which makes it all the more ironic that our spring semester currently feels more like a term in the Arctic tundra. Despite the seemingly insuperable presence of winter, the sunshine of spring will overcome and prevail in the very near future. It will trump winter’s stubborn efforts to encapsulate our surroundings in frost, so we may liberate ourselves of the burdensome layers of winter wear to reveal a sea of bright colors and fabrics.

The sprightly spirit of springtime fashions is definitely something to look forward to, and these cheerful visions of the upcoming style trends should provide some reassuring warmth to our current mode of winter-weary thoughts. If the anticipation is too much to bear, a springtime outfit is simply an Internet click away, for many retailers have already introduced their new collections. Here’s a preview of some of the key items pivotal to having a kicking spring ensemble.

Pop Art Bag – Designer Marc Jacobs has teamed up with Tokyo pop artist Takahashi Murakami to infuse the classic elegance of Louis Vuitton bags with a shot of Murakami’s whimsical and thoroughly modern anime designs. The outcome is an eye-catching Hello Kitty meets Haute Couture, giving the stuffy House of Vuitton’s signature leather bag a kick of animated spunk. Louis Vuitton, old school or new, however, is extremely pricey, and it’s impossible to get on the waitlist for one of these coveted satchels. So in lieu of a specific Vuitton Murakami bag, you can still spread the spring cheer with any sort of adorable, candy-colored tote. Real Deal: Louis Vuitton, $1000+. Next Best Thing: Poesis, $160.

Daytime Dresses – Daytime dresses have come back in a big way, but this time in the form of a girlish, ruffly frock. Neat, straight lines and conservative colors are simply incongruous with the gaiety of springtime, so get into a more frivolous mode with gravity-defying, bouncy frills and thrills. Even adding a flouncy skirt to a preppy item such as a white collared shirt will achieve the froufrou effect of these ultra-feminine pieces. Real Deal: Laundry by Shelli Segal, $195. Next Best Thing: Guess, $39.99.

Bubble-Gum Colored Shoes – The fun of springtime fashions won’t be complete without a final splash of color on your feet. Stepping into a pair of spunky sandals will cover you in a rainbow of optimism, ensuring that your forecast will forever be sunny and bright for the remainder of the semester. Real Deal: Stuart Weitzman, $225. Next Best Thing: Nine West, $69.

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Archived article by Sherry Jun